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Cattolica, delicious summer resort located in the most southern area of the Riviera Romagnola, at the boundary with The Marche Region, is a fascinating border land separated from the nearby Gabicce Mare (already in the province of Pesaro Urbino) by the lazy flow of the stream Tavollo. This mixture of elements gives Cattolica a quite unique charm, which contributes to draw a large number of tourists and visitors every year and that has earned the eloquent nickname of “Queen of the Adriatic".

The tour of the city starts from Piazzale Primo Maggio, the main gathering place of Cattolica famous for the beautiful fountains that every evening illuminate and "dance" to the rhythm of music; from there, taking a pleasant walk through the beautiful streets of the city centre, you can touch all the main points of interest of the city.

Not to be misses the central Piazza Nettuno, Piazza del Mercato, seat of the covered market, Piazza de Curtis where takes place the weekly market of typical products, and of course Piazza Roosevelt, seat of the majestic Palazzo del Municipio and of the attached Clock Tower.

True hallmarks of Cattolica are the Teatro della Regina, designed in 1984 and inaugurated by Katia Ricciarelli in 1996, and the Arena della Regina, privileged seat of all the concerts and the events organized in the town during the summer season. Not to be forgotten the Museum della Regina, located in the ancient Pilgrim Hospital and seat of precious collections of archaeology and seafaring.

The offer of Cattolica is completed by the Parco della Pace, wide green oasis located in the heart of the town, by the Aquarium, wonderful theme park hosted inside the Park Le Navi, and by the beautiful beaches Blue Flag of the town.

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