Thermal Baths in Riviera Romagnola

Not everyone knows that the Riviera Romagnola is a land of sun, sea, fun and… thermal baths! Yes on the coast as in the hinterland there is a multitude of thermal springs, centres and facilities dedicated to the wellness of body and mind, where you can spend very pleasant alternatives days.

At the thermal baths, opened in most cases throughout the year, you can relax between a hot bath and a sauna, but also enjoy the healing benefits of the therapeutic properties of the water. But which are the more known thermal centres and, above all, what do they offer?

We start with Rimini Terme, located directly on the waterfront in the locality of Miramare, just a few steps away from Riccione. This state-of-the-art centre uses the therapeutic properties of the water of the sea and of a thermal spring rich with bromide and iodide salts. A mix thanks to which you can enjoy beauty treatments, thalassotherapy treatments, rehabilitation paths and much more with the support of a team of doctors that is always available. Rimini Terme is particularly indicated for those who suffer from osteoarticular and respiratory problems.

Riccione Terme is instead located in a beautiful park near the sea and offers numerous treatments that exploit the properties of its thermal springs that are at the same time magnesium-sulphurous-salt-bromide-iodic. Thanks to this precious alchemy you can enjoy many benefits that embrace all the most important apparatuses of the human organism.

Riccione Terme also propose rehabilitation paths, individual beauty treatments and a summer outdoor waterpark, the Perle d’Acqua Park, equipped with a huge pool at 30° with thermal water, coloured waterfalls and over 140 meters of hydro-revitalizing path at different temperatures.

Even the Terme of Cervia exploits the curative and aesthetic properties of the salt-bromide-iodic waters contributing to prevention, therapy and rehabilitation in the presence of orthopaedic problems and respiratory diseases. Terme of Cervia proposes inhalant treatments, mud and baths in the beautiful salt water indoor thermal pool maintained at a constant temperature of 33°. Also available vascular paths, whirlpools and rehabilitative pools in addition to the possibility of beauty treatments of various kind, for a wellness at 360°.

Another centre of excellence of the Riviera Romagnola is the Terme of Punta Marina, located in the homonymous locality, in the province of Ravenna. Here we are in the presence of thermal waters rich in minerals, ideal for the treatment of bones and respiratory, dermatological and gynaecological problems. The Centre has two swimming pools with hydro massage and hydro-vascular path, relaxation area, wellness centre for beauty treatments of various type and sauna.

Worthy of note, even if they are not on the coast but in the hinterland, the thermal baths of Bagno di Romagna and of Fratta Terme, in the province of Forlì Cesena. These centres, and in particular the first one, are located at the foot of the Apennine Tosco Romagnolo and offer unique atmospheres, every kind of treatment and special packages to enjoy the benefits of healing waters in couple or with friends.

The thermal centres of Romagna are affiliated with the National Health Service, the I.N.P.S and the I.N.A.I.L.

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