The tipical cuisine of Romagna

The Riviera Romagnola is famous throughout the world for its strong food and wine tradition. Every locality, whether it is a delightful beach town with a strong maritime vocation or a charming village of the hinterland characterized by the use of local products, preserves a strong culinary identity and a really special relationship with local specialties and ingredients.

Moreover, the conviviality with which mealtime is conceived in Riviera, a perfect time for sharing and exchanging in the name of good food and great wine, makes every lunch or dinner that you will enjoy all along the coastline between Gabicce and Cesenatico or in the picturesque villages of the hinterland that dot the sweet surrounding hills, really special.

But what are the dishes that represent the true essence of the typical cuisine of Romagna? It is not so easy to answer this question because of the variety of ingredients available depending on the geographic area of reference, but it is certain that we cannot leave out of consideration some classics. Honourable Mention to homemade pasta, especially to the cappelletti, strozzapreti, passatelli and lasagna, to crispy fried food, and sublime grilled fresh fish of the Adriatic Sea and to the timeless piadina romagnola, symbol of the local gastronomy par excellence.

Where to enjoy these specialties? It is only a matter of taste.

Lovers of fish can count on a wide range of specialized restaurants; the waterfront of the lively beach towns and the main bathing establishments are swarming with charming restaurants overlooking the sea where you can enjoy the best that the Adriatic has to offer: delicate sea salads, tagliolini allo scoglio and great fried fish represent the emblem of a lunch by the sea, strictly accompanied by a good glass of iced Trebbiano.

No problem even for meat lovers. City centres and the charming villages of the hinterland are swarming with restaurants, trattorias, wine bars and taverns in which you can enjoy robust dishes of the Tradition: tagliatelle with traditional ragù, salami of Mora Romagnola, a nice slice of a donut and a good glass of Sangiovese and you are done.

Also the tradition of the street food is rapidly expanding and now it is found everywhere along the streets of the city centres and by the sea: between kiosks that are specialized in piadina (one among all, rocket and squaquerone) and cassoni, take-away of fried fish, salad bars, sandwich bars and fruit bars there is something for every taste.

Finally, good news even for lovers of ethnic cuisine: sushi bars, Chinese restaurants and innovative spaces in which you can experiment alternative cuisine (one among all, the Ethiopian) are rapidly spreading throughout the area.

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