San Leo

San Leo, suggestive village of the Alta Valmarecchia, stands overhanging on an impervious rock that dominates the entire valley below and offers breath taking glimpses and a really unforgettable view. In addition to its characteristic historical centre many are the attractions not to be missed in San Leo, from the Parish Church (Duomo) of ancient foundation, one of the most remarkable examples of medieval architecture of Montefeltro, to the Church of Our Lady of Loreto; from the Pieve, the more ancient religious building of the Montefeltro to the Medieval Castle which, with its mighty mole, dominates the entire village.

The Castle, more commonly known as the Rocca of San Leo, is particularly well known for having been the prison of Giuseppe Balsamo, better known as the Count of Cagliostro. Both the exterior and the interior deserve an in depth visit; the outside for its peculiar fortified structure, the interior for its valuable temporary exhibitions, such as the museum of weapons and the art gallery.

Walking through the cosy streets of the historic centre you reach the Fountain, the geographical centre and point of reference for the social life of the village. Built in 1893, is located in the place where once stood the Elm of Saint Francis. Continuing walking it will be possible to glimpse the Palazzo della Rovere, today the seat of the town hall, the Municipal Tower and the beautiful Palazzo Mediceo, the seat of the Museum of Sacred Art.

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