San Marino Adventures

San Marino Adventures is the largest adventure park in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. Located just 5 minutes from the historic center of San Marino and a few steps from the most famous seaside resorts of the Riviera Romagnola, it is an excellent alternative solution to enjoy fun days in the green, carrying out engaging activities never done before.

Ideal for the whole family, it offers a wide range of services and activities for all tastes: 26 trails hanging among trees, airsoft, archery, orienteering, horse riding and much more.

The real heart of the park is, however, represented by its 26 trails hanging on the trees (12 dedicated to children, 14 reserved for youths and adults), which wind through Tibetan bridges, nets, cable cars, tunnels and many other breathtaking passages at a height from the ground of up to 30 meters. Honorable mention goes to the brand new intermediate trail Delirium, with an enjoyable carousel of pulleys, although the most popular trails are still the timeless black ones, Inferno (Hell), Chimera, Incubo (Nightmare) and Impossibile (Impossible), which penetrate deep in a forest at a height of over 20 meters through prohibitive passages, a pulley of over 280 meters in length, a Tibetan bridge with 22% climb and the incredible Volo di Tarzan (Tarzan’s Flight), with a suspended liana to fly from a tree to another for over 12 meters of pure adrenaline.

And then Jungle Softair, lots of most amusing missions to challenge friends and family members; Robin Hood Adventure, an archery area for children and adults; educational learning paths in the green of the adjacent Montecerreto Park and much more.

What’s more, if you are not particularly adventurous and do not want to measure yourself in such activities, the San Marino Adventure Park has what you need: a nice relaxation area, perfectly equipped barbecue and picnic locations and the Snack Bar Adventure for quick snacks and good ice-cream.

Some information about the park
- Access is only available to those who have a valid ticket;
- An identity card is required;
- Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 8 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or person acting in their place;
- The trail visiting time is limited to 2.5 hours. The last briefing is 1.5 hours before closing.

2019 Opening Hours
From 3 March to 31 May: from 10 to 7.30 pm (Saturday, Sunday and holidays and from 19 April to 7 May)
From 1st June to 15th September: from 10 am to 7.30 pm (every day)
From September 16th to November 2nd: from 10 am to 7 pm (Saturday, Sunday and holidays)

San Marino Adventures Prices 2019

One-day pass

  • Baby Tour (children from 2 years): € 7
  • Kids Tour (children from 4 years): € 11
  • Adventure Tour (minimum age 6 years): € 17
  • Adrenaline Tour (minimum age 8 years): € 23
  • Extreme Tour (minimum age 8 years, accompanied by an adult): € 24

Groups (up to 25 people)

  • Single entry price - Every 5 admission passes 1 free – check out the proposals for school trips.

Groups (over 25 people)

  • Baby Tour: € 4.90
  • Kids Tour: € 7.70
  • Adventure Tour: € 11.90
  • Adrenaline Tour: € 16.10
  • Extreme Tour: € 24

Groups (over 50 people)

  • Baby tour: € 5
  • Adrenaline Tour: € 15
  • Flat rate for the other trails: € 10.00

Schools and summer camps

  • Flat rate: € 9.00 (teachers and adult educators get in free)

Birthday special

  • Flat rate: € 12.00

Jungle Softair

  • Standard admission (equipment rental, referee and 300 rounds): € 20
  • Deluxe entrance (equipment rental, referee and 600 rounds): € 25
  • Kill them all (equipment hire and 900 rounds): € 35
  • Commando (equipment rental): € 40
  • Predator: special tracking mission (equipment rental): € 40
  • Free hostage (equipment rental): € 40
  • Extra charging cost: € 5.00
  • Photo service cost: € 10.00
  • Additional equipment rental cost: € 5.00

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