Beaches Gabicce Mare

The coastal strip of Gabicce Mare is totally different from what in the collective imaginary, represents the Riviera Romagnola par excellence: there is no kilometres of extension of sand, but cosy beaches bordered by rocks and Marinas; rare works of man in the background, but rather a lush vegetation that from the Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo extends to embrace the entire coast; and an ethereal peacefulness that pervades the entire coastline and gives great emotions in remembrance of past times, when Gabicce Mare was rightly known as the "Capri of the Adriatic".

The beach of Gabicce Mare extends for 2 kilometres, from the pretty harbour canal that marks the boundary with Catholic (and Emilia Romagna) up to the small bays and coves of the area under the mount. The bathing establishments bordering Cattolica are more compliant with the standards of the Riviera Romagnola, all very well equipped and with every kind of service: comfortable sun beds and beach umbrellas, attractions for children, sport fields, hot showers, Wi-Fi and hot spot. As we head toward Baia Vallugola the scenery changes, and the beaches are more intimate and wild, small paradises in which you can enjoy undisturbed the stillness and the silence, gift of the park of San Bartolo.

In addition to the small strips of sand that from beneath the mount lead to Vallugola, not equipped because reserved only to the purists of sea, sun and nature, there are in Gabicce 2 other free beaches, located near bars, restaurants, showers and toilets.

Those are:
- Free Beach Harbour area, close to the Canal Port that marks the boundary with Cattolica;
- Free beach "Sottomonte" in the extreme south of the coast toward Monte San Bartolo.

Beautiful beaches

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